How to Leverage Facebook and Google AdWords to Boost Retail Sales by 1000% in 3 months

An AdHawk Case Study

Justin Silveman, Co-Founder JustBrand Limited, 2009

#Product Service eCommerce Retailer specializing in outdoor sporting goods.

#Audience Our target audience is outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy camping, hiking, skiing and motorsports.

#Online Advertising’s Role for Business Online advertising is our primary method of new customer acquisition and is paramount to our success as a company. Effective advertising allows us to grow, while wasted ad spend could literally put us out of business.

##Before AdHawk We have used over a dozen advertising services over the years including AdRoll, Criteo as well as trying to be self managed in AdWords and Facebook Ads.

##AdHawk difference maker Some services simply do not care if your advertising succeeds or fails and does not assist with proper targeting for your valuable ad spend. With AdHawk, we are confident that our ads are reaching the correct customer at the correct time of the consumer buying cycle.

##Pain Points 1) Reliable Reporting 2) Lack of Accountability on part of the service 3) Poor Performance & Low ROAS

++ I was trying to set up our own Facebook ads and was unable to find a positive ROI and felt like we were wasting our advertising dollars.

##Solutions AdHawk has helped us overcome these issues by going above and beyond to troubleshoot issues within our advertising accounts and has worked closely with us to create optimal ad copy and creative that customers are really responding to.

###How did you find out about AdHawk? How did I found out about AdHawk? Great Question! In fact their digital marketing was so good that it targeted me while I was looking for help with my ad accounts. If their targeting was good enough to find me at the perfect moment, I knew they would be able to help me find my customers at that right moment too.

###Why AdHawk? From our first conversations they were very interested in learning about our business and finding creative ways to help us grow. The AdHawk platform is easy to understand for people without a ton of experience in digital advertising, and at the same time can add value to experienced online marketers.

###Setup & Ramp Up Very Easy. We started slowly and have expanded our service to multiple websites.

###Features Optimized targeting and bid adjustments because if you are spending too much trying to attract the wrong kind of customer, you won’t have enough gas in the tank to reach the right kind of customer.

###Biggest Reason They’d Recommend Us Ultra-modern, user-friendly platform with very useful reporting metrics that provides powerful insight into your business.

###Positive Expereince Our Facebook Ads account was significantly over-billed due to an error in how our ads were being served. AdHawk helped facilitate getting a credit when they easily could have pushed the problem back on us.

###Achieving hashtag goals Using AdHawk has allowed me to focus attention on other aspects of our business and not have to micromanage our daily ad spend. AdHawk has also helped us successfully launch a new website from scratch and get the advertising up and running with a great ROAS almost immediately!

#Data! Facebook conversions for The Warming Store is up over 1000% since starting with AdHawk.

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