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Your ultimate digital advertising assistant

Your ultimate digital advertising assistant


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The moment Adhawk identifies statistically significant trends, it immediately sends you a Smart Tip detailing what insight it found, the precise optimization that needs to be made, and the expected returns. Once you review and accept a tip, the change is made programmatically to your account. Whether it’s reallocating budget towards Female Tablet shoppers in Chicago or eliminating keywords from Ad Groups, our data-driven optimizations leave no metric behind.


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  • Dayparting
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Budget Reallocation
  • Best-Audience Locator
  • Device Delivery

Truly Understand Your Performance on Search and Social

  • Management of all Facebook, Instagram, and Google AdWords campaign types
  • Campaign Creation for an additional $200 per month (3 day turnaround)
  • Real-time campaign optimization
  • A/B Testing ad copy & creative

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Your ultimate digital advertising assistant


When Stefan Lewinger started the subscription sock company Sock Fancy in 2013, he ran into the problems that most businesses face when advertising their products online.

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Bossy McBosserson, CEO @ Widgets Inc

"Early on, we were never short of ideas for content or places to spend money on advertising online. We recognized the importance of dedicating time and resources to channels like AdWords, but we struggled to truly optimize our campaigns and budget. It felt like solving a Rubik's cube blindfolded that costs you money every time you guess wrong," he explains.

This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who has tried to use Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. Each platform comes with its own complicated set of rules and dashboards that require a PhD to understand properly. Stefan spent hours learning the nuances of each platform, but it still wasn’t enough. “We were leaving conversions on the table and no company likes to admit there is money being wasted.”

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One of Stefan’s early concerns with integrating software to help simplify Sock Fancy’s digital advertising efforts was the amount of work it would take to get everything up and running.

“Based on my experience with past advertising companies, the onboarding process is never fun and certainly not easy. I was preparing myself for another cumbersome process.”


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