AdHawk for Enterprise

Ad Optimization at Scale for Franchises and the Enterprise

Domain Expertise
+ Powerful Software
= Reliable Custom Solutions

Google Premier Partner

Digital Marketing Expertise

We’re digital marketing nerds at our core. Our engineers and business team come from the likes of Google and some of the top ad agencies in the United States. This means that we are passionate about matching unique business challenges with customized marketing solutions.

By letting AdHawk’s software handle the heavy lifting for account creation, campaign structure, reporting and optimization across accounts, you’ll spend more time strategizing new opportunities and less time in the digital advertising weeds.

Powerful Software

We’re experts at building scalable solutions for enterprise customers. In fact, our machine learning algorithms crunch millions of dollars worth of advertising spend data for businesses of all shapes and sizes every day.

If our software is able to generate statistically significant recommendations for small businesses, imagine what it can do with your verticalized data sets. Talk about a competitive advantage.

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