AdHawk Assistant

Optimization Software for Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

Introducing Your Pocket-Sized Performance Marketer

AdHawk is the easiest way to manage your digital advertising across Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Our iOS and web reporting tools eliminate the confusion associated with digital advertising by aggregating all of your data into one beautiful dashboard that updates in real time. The days of pouring hours into spreadsheets are over.

Machine Learning Optimization in Real Time

Link your Google AdWords and Facebook Ad accounts with AdHawk and sit back as it analyzes the trends in your data that are most impacting performance.

Over time, the AdHawk Algorithm builds a knowledge set unique to your business and an optimization roadmap to help you achieve maximum ROI.

Identify & Target your Ideal Customer in 1 Click

The moment AdHawk identifies statistically significant trends, it sends smart recommendations detailing what insight it found and the precise optimization that needs to be made.

Once you review and accept an optimization tip, the change is made programmatically in your account. Whether it’s reallocating budget towards female tablet shoppers in Chicago or eliminating keywords from ad groups, our data-driven optimizations leave no metric behind.

All the Features You Need to Advertise with Confidence

One-Click Optimizations

  • Dayparting
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Budget Reallocation
  • Best-Audience Locator
  • Right-Device Delivery
  • and more…

Real-Time Reporting

  • Mobile App Dashboard
  • Customizable Web Dashboard
  • Weekly PDF Email Reports
  • Aggregate reporting across Google AdWords & Facebook Ads

Expert Support

  • 24/5 email support
  • In-app chat support
  • Unlimited user “seats” for you and your team
  • Weekly industry news and trends

Our Customers ❤️ AdHawk Assistant

Jason Babcock - CEO - Advanced Vein Institute

"I don’t worry about AdWords for weeks at a time. I’m able to work on company growth, not day-to-day changes and tweaks."

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Chuck Melber - CMO - Nomad

"We were trying everything we could to improve our AdWords performance - but nothing seemed to work. Since launching with AdHawk, we've dropped our CPA by 75%."

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Paul Kos - Demand Generation - Meta

"AdHawk has erased our anxiety dealing with AdWords and Digital Advertising as a whole. [With AdHawk] we no longer fear wasting money or not getting the right conversions."

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