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Fashion Brand Simply Carbon Fiber Scales from $1k to $70k Per Month During 2-Year Partnership with AdHawk

Anyone who spends the final remaining dollars in their bank account to invest in their business has to believe in that business deeply. That’s just what Sergio Abi-Naked did when he spent his last $300 on a batch of carbon fiber money clips.

Sergio got a return on his investment that same night, when he and his Simply Carbon Fiber co-founder, Dirk Abinakad, sold all their inventory and began the cycle of re-investing in new inventory and expanding into new product categories, which today includes watches, phone cases, sunglasses, hats, jewelry, and more, featured by DJ Khalid, Rick Ross, and a lot of other notable celebrities.

As their business expanded, they turned to a marketing agency for help with their digital advertising campaigns - and, unfortunately, got burned in the process.

“We had worked with an agency that focused on our Google Ads account before AdHawk, and we were spending heavily. Every time we hopped on a call with them, they would tell us Google takes a long time to generate a return on ad spend. That was kind of fishy to us. We figured out that agency kind of just messed it all up for us,” they said.

They realized what the agency was telling them just wasn’t adding up. “They would sometimes charge us more without really telling us why. It was just not a good experience,” they said. Ultimately, that agency partner didn’t see Dirk and Sergio’s vision for Simply Carbon Fiber, and ultimately the pair decided to pull back.

The pair was understandably hesitant to outsource their marketing again. “After hearing stories and reading reviews, we thought everyone would be like our first agency, just taking your money,” they said.

But then they found AdHawk.

Finding a trusted partner was the key to growth

Dirk and Sergio were cautious when they signed on with AdHawk, starting off with just a base level spend. “We were spending $1,000 a month, and that was back in 2017,” they shared. “This year, we just broke $70,000 in spend last month. Last month, we hit almost $80,000 in spend for Google and this next quarter, we plan to do at least three times more.”

They’re also projecting around a $6 million in sales this year.

Having a good marketing partner enabled Simply Carbon Fiber to get creative and produce more content for their audience. “We’re pretty thankful that we have found a very select few transparent people that we added to our team,” they said.

They’ve also been able to find better manufacturers to work with and be more flexible with their designs, which ultimately leads to a wider range of higher-quality products - and a bigger, more satisfied customer base.

In AdHawk, Simply Carbon Fiber found the dedicated, transparent partner they always wanted - one that understood and respected the vision the founders had for their business, and one who helped them grow and succeed.

“We’ve worked with AdHawk now for almost two years, and we plan to work with them for many more years to come.”

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