The Easy Way to Drive B2B Leads with Digital Advertising

Marketing software provider Meta reduces CPA with AdHawk managed services

Marketing to marketers is a challenge, even if your business specializes in building marketing solutions for heavy hitters like Sony, Allstate, National Geographic, Ikea, and Ralph Lauren.

Meta, a business-to-business (B2B) software company in Iowa City, Iowa, ran into this very issue trying to generate more qualified leads for their customizable software tools while using Google’s digital advertising platforms.

Paul Kos, Meta’s Demand Generation Manager, leveraged Google Ads Remarketing, Display, and Search in an attempt to keep their lead pipeline full. But, Paul says he and his team “didn’t have enough time in the day to be dedicated SEM experts.”

Meta tried to maximize their ROI on their own by reducing the amount of wasted ad spend and following other best practices for campaign optimization, but nothing brought the success they had hoped for.

When we went over how much money we wasted by not keeping a close enough eye on our campaigns, we knew we needed to try something new to manage our advertising online.

Paul Kos, Demand Generation Manager @ Meta

More qualified conversions for less with AdHawk managed services

Once Paul gained access to AdHawk’s iOS app and web reporting dashboard, he was impressed by the “slick interface and low price point”: “[AdHawk] felt like an in-house SEM expert that I could take anywhere,” he says.

Clean and simple dashboards for reporting are great, but the Meta team needed to break out the big guns to hit their aggressive SEM goals. For that, Paul turned to AdHawk Managed Services, a product that combines AdHawk’s best-in-class reporting tools with a dedicated digital advertising experts to help strategize and execute ads.

The results were startling. In their first three months using AdHawk Managed Services, Meta drove 567% more conversions on Google Ads than they had in the previous seven months combined.

More impressively, Meta’s average cost per conversion dropped by more than 51%, and they saw a 54% lower CPA on Search.

There’s a lot more to successful lead gen than cheap conversions

But there’s more to it than driving cheap conversions - it’s about driving the right conversions. “The quality of Meta’s leads has improved since using AdHawk,” Paul says, and it’s helping improve business outcomes for Meta even further down the funnel.

AdHawk erased the anxiety one has when dealing with AdWords or digital advertising as a whole.

Paul Kos, Demand Generation Manager @ Meta

AdHawk played a key role in Meta’s marketing success. In Paul’s words, AdHawk “erased the anxiety one has when dealing with Google Ads or digital advertising as a whole.” More importantly, the opportunity to work with a “team who actually cares about the success of their clients” is what keeps Meta coming back each month, and we love having them.

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