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AdHawk Was Founded by 2 Ex-Googlers Frustrated by the State of Digital Advertising

After Working with Thousands of Businesses, Dan and Todd Learned a Few Important Lessons...

Digital Advertising is Hard Work

Like most things in life, a successful digital advertising campaign can be directly attributed to the time invested into strategy, creation, and optimization. Get it right and you’ve just found yourself a surefire way to scale your business. Get it wrong and, well, for the sake of your bank account you don’t want to get it wrong.

The best advertisers in the world will spend hours each day pouring over spreadsheets, analyzing every scrap of campaign data with custom scripts to determine what’s performing best. It’s incredibly manual and time consuming, but it works. Unfortunately for most companies, there simply isn’t enough time in the day for that level of analysis. It’s why we built AdHawk.

Software Automation Increases Efficiency & Account Performance

After years of manually analyzing and optimizing ad accounts for thousands of businesses, we feel confident saying software automation makes the work of an advertiser incredibly efficient. The truth is, even the most experienced digital advertisers miss key insights in the data when optimizations are done manually - we are human, after all.

AdHawk uses machine learning and data science to keep a close eye on your ad accounts so no insights slip through the cracks. It’s like, the future, man.

Transparency is Everything

The world of digital advertising often gets a bad rap, but is it really that surprising? We’ve heard countless horror stories about sketchy agencies that promise their clients the world, only to keep them in the dark and completely fail on delivering the goods.

We believe transparency is vital to building successful relationships with our customers. AdHawk’s reporting tools provide real-time access to performance data, our optimization tips empower advertisers with actionable insights, and our account management team can be there to help you every step of the way. Transparency is in our DNA.

So far, the numbers speak for themselves

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Meet the Team Making It Happen

Our Team
Alex Doña

Senior Account Manager

Bobby Stemper

Director of Marketing

Brendan Montgomery

Digital Marketing Manager

Britni Alexander

Software Engineer

Cory Wilbur

Software Engineer

Dan Pratt


Danielle Migliaccio

Senior Account Manager

Ed Lopez

VP of Sales

Grace Mante

Digital Marketing Manager

Ian Ker-Seymer

Director of Engineering

Jeffrey Bieber

Franchise & Co-Op Marketing Lead

Jennifer Lee

Director of Customer Success

Joe Leung

Senior Product Manager

Jon Dickerson

Data Scientist

Jon Park

Content Marketing Manager

Joseph Lau

iOS Engineer


Office Doggo

Lauren Nute

Account Executive

Lorenzo Von-Zereneck

Digital Marketing Manager

Mark Feigen

Senior Account Manager

Max Burnside

Lead UI/UX Designer


Office Pupper

Natalie Pedrayes

Digital Marketing Manager

Neeraj Bhatnagar

VP of Data Science

Olamide Ajibola

Digital Marketing Manager

Patrick Sparrow

Software Engineer


Senior Office Doggo

Sekhar Paladugu

Software Engineer

Tanya Smith

Office Manager

Taryn Ramos

Senior Account Manager

Taylor Friss

Sales Operations Manager

Todd Saunders


Zan Fisher

Junior Digital Marketing Manager

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