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Let's Face It, Online Advertising Sucks

In order to get the most out of your ad spend, you need to dedicate a huge chunk of time to analyze, optimize, and report on each of your campaigns.

Savvy advertisers use spreadsheets, pivot tables, and developer scripts to keep their campaigns on track. Even that takes hours of manual effort most businesses can’t afford.

AdHawk Makes Advertising Easy with Frictionless Optimization & Cross-Platform Reporting

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Paul Kos - Demand Generation - Meta

"The data insights that AdHawk brings us gives us an in-house SEM expert that we can take anywhere."

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Stefan Lewinger - CEO - SockFancy

"My new morning routine now consists of coffee, checking the news, and approving my AdHawk recommendations."

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Chuck Melber - CMO - Nomad

"We were trying everything we could to improve our AdWords performance - but nothing seemed to work. Since launching with AdHawk, we've dropped our CPA by 75%."

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